The WiFi Wizard Series

The Wifi Wizard Series is the work of Scott Yates, the WiFi Wizard with e-learning consultancy Branding Tools, bringing the wisdom and charisma of Scott Yates in training students to be WiFi Masters.


The WiFI Wizard

My name is Scott Yates, aka the WiFi Wizard, and I’m passionate about the wireless world. My decades spent mastering WiFi technology and equipment and my years training others to also master it has only fueled my passion through the years, and why I’m here on Udemy.

I offer quality WiFi training, consultation and top notch resources from both my Udemy content and my website, but here’s a little about my history…

In my Computer Networking Career, I have been fortunate to be involved in some of the most fascinating projects imaginable. In the mid-90’s, I assisted, as SE-Team Leader, with the Network Upgrade and Infrastructure Buildout at Pinellas Co, Fl. As part of this, we implemented Switch and Router replacements, and upgraded the mobile classrooms to WiFi Point-to-MultiPoint links from the classrooms to the central administrative building at each school. This gave me some invaluable “lessons-learned” as we implemented 1000 Wireless systems in the Classroom infrastructure upgrade.

I spent 4 ½ years as Regional Service Manager for Cabletron Systems / Enterasys Networks, and consulted with both Customers and Sales on the designs of Enterprise-grade Networks.

Other high profile networks included the design of the wireless network in the Vertical Assembly Bldg. at Cape Canaveral, and the Networking Centers at Wake Forest University and in the Network Core at University of Memphis.

Recently, I was contracted to redesign a wide-area network for 9 banks in a small banking group, clearing the Cisco 2611 and 2811 Router Configs, moving the WAN Links from an older carrier to an AT&T Switched Ethernet topology. I also was tasked with the provisioning of some small to medium VMware VSphere Servers.

I have made an effort to capsulize my life-experience in networking. I have been honored to work in some of the most exciting environments imaginable, and have always made decisions and recommendations based on that which is in the best interest of the customer, and the customer’s mission.

Wireless is the last great mystery in networking. While many do it, few do it well. My goal is to take the mystery out of it, replacing suspicion and uncertainty with time-tested techniques and industry standard best practices.